Canon 50D high ISO noise really that bad?

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Re: Canon 50D high ISO noise really that bad?

I came from a 40D to a 50D and have been very happy so far.

One thing people forget when comparing images between the 40D and 50D is that the 50D is 15MP, so when viewing at 100% on your monitor, more noise is evident at this viewing size. True, at the pixel level, but it's like zooming into the 40D shot when the 50D is at 100% so it can't be compared directly.

Overall from my experience there's little difference in noise providing you do a proper comparison, i.e. resize the 50D to the 40D size, or print them both at the same size. Overall there's hardly anything in it, and you'll be really hard pressed to tell the difference in real usage.

The significant benefits however are:

  • hi res LCD (the 40D LCD uses thumbnails to display the image so when you zoom in to check focus, you're zooming on a v.low res image so you can't really tell if it's out of focus or not) - the 50D LCD is simply light years ahead, which is great for checking OOF, and great for reviewing images eg on holiday when there's no monitor around. For me a huge plus in reality. Downside is it uses a little more power than the 40D one so you can drain the battery a bit quicker if you spend along time reviewing images.

  • per lens micro adjust - you can adjust each lens for front/back focussing and it'll remember the value per lens. This can be hugely useful if you have a lens that's out, and has made my 105mm Sigma go from being a dud at certain focal lengths to being tack sharp. No canon calibration required etc etc.

  • if you take a good quality image with the 50D, eg. good lighting, high shutter speed, sharp lens, the results yield more detail than the 10 MP sensor from the 40D. Great for cropping...however due to the larger sensor, it makes you have to work a little harder as the user, to get the image super sharp as the sensor is more sensitive to slow shutter speeds.

  • The 50D is more capable of revealing the weaknesses in poor lenses than the 40D due to it's higher MP sensor so great results at 100% viewing on a monitor, are only possible with good quality sharp lenses..

  • auto lighting optimiser on 50D, this can be really useful for general holiday snaps, bringing some nice contrast and upping the shadows slightly (where necessary) giving more pleasing pictures which is a nice feature. If you underexpose it'll kick in and sort the picture out for you, great feature for general shooting..

Apart from that though there's not alot in it,


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