Canon Line Offset Noise

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Re: Banding Noise

rockbound wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

Yes, there aren't enough rows of masked pixels to do anything useful.

That's too bad. How many masked rows are there at the bottom of the frame?

None that are contained in the RAW file. The RAW file just has them on the left and top. Some cameras have as little as a dozen rows on top that look like masked pixels. Another dozen may have mysterious junk in them.

By the way I just checked an old S40 file with what I called horizontal line banding and CS3 removes the noise quite effectively

They probably received a lot of complaints for the camera, so they do some correction.

You are probably right. I did get a request from adobe for one of the S40 files with banding and I guess they would have used that for testing/development.

That was a different era, I think.

How about some black tape to mask off your bottom 100 rows,

It would be a good project for modders. A 19MP 5D2 would be able to eliminate the artifacts, but of course, you'd also need a program that makes DNGs from the RAWs, and applies the corrections.

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