Couple of D300s Auto ISO/High ISO Images

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No, you are not stupid but...

lild01 wrote:

maybe I am stupid but.... Why use such a high ISO for daytime photography. I know you said it was an overcast day but still. I am lost on why, you even had fast glass so I really dont see the need. I am sure I am missing something please help me understand. I always use high ISO's at night or in low light.

No, you are not stupid, but neither is he. He had Auto ISO selected, which I would have done as well in that situation. The aperture was already wide open and with the action and the used lens you need to have fast shutter speed both to freeze the action and to prevent camera shake causing blur. These kind of images are what Auto ISO is created for. The light level may change between one image and another which the camera takes care of. By setting the shutter speed and the maximum aperture in M mode and letting the camera handle the ISO you get the best out of the situation.

Anyway, where I live daylight does not mean a lot of light, especially between October and March, and even in the middle of the day there are many situations where ISO above 1600 is needed, even with fast lenses. In other words, light level can be very low even at midday.

BTW, for night images like cityscapes, I'd do the opposite; I'd go for as low ISO as possible because the long exposure noise is very easily handled and low ISO preserves more detail. During night photography there is already too much detail lost, so if it can be improved it is always good. Of course, there are situations when long exposure creates unwanted effects as well, in which case of course I'd also go for high ISO, but not as a general rule.

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