DSLR Video - how does it work? (techincal)

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Let me step in with my guess.

First of, 10 FPS is a mirror and bandwidth limitation, not a sensor limitation. I believe the sensors are read out at the full video rate, and don't skip anything.

Secondly, no one can do true pixel binning at a video rate right now. They are working on it, and Canon has a short note on it, but it is ready yet. Even for SRAW I don't think they do true binning.

I believe the video processor simply skips rows and column as required. That would mean for noise purposes you are not dealing with a full size, sensor, the effective sensor size probably isn't that much larger than a true video camera.

Maybe my math is too simple but 1080p is 1080 lines, a 7D does 3456, so only 33% of the sensor is used. That would make a 1" sensor into a 1/3" sensor for noise purposes. A good video recorder can have 3 1/3" RGB sensors so at first glance that video recorder should have better noise characteristics.


So, it seems to me that all pixels at read, and the video conversion just throws away what it can't use.

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