Time for some higher-end lenses for the E-P1/G1?

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Re: the usual bushwah - Future GLP?

plevyadophy wrote:
Well, you are both right.

Leica will not allow their name to be muddied by association with lenses that are made to slack standards and are then propped up by software trickery to get straight lines.

However, excellent optics that have one or two minor flaws that can't easily be corrected optically can be corrected by software; indeed some of the lens on the M series Leica rangefinders have this kinda software correction (for CA) and the new Leica S2 system incorporates software corrections for moire.

If you go over to http://www.photozone.de and look at the review for the Leica 14-150 super-zoom you will find a lens that is superb, the best in its class, with only two minor flaws (if it's even worth calling them that given that it is a 10x super-zoom) which are some CA wide open at widest and longst focal lenghths. But these minor errors are tidied up on Panasonic bodies (both DSLR and microFT) by way of software corrections as a result of data provided to the camera body by the lens itself.

Having said all that though, the new 45mm Macro is so mediocre optically, and lacking ergonomically (no focus distance readout, for example), that it doesn't in anyway deserve to have the Leica name on it. This lens, to my mind, muddies the Leica name, and if they have any sense they will demand that Panny temporarily ends production of the lens so as to improve the optics or simply removes their name from the lens, and if Panny refuses they should simply withdraw Panny's right to make any further Leica lenses. Leica do not do mediocre, they do superb and Panny have to be forced to maintain that tradition.


tchatila wrote:

I feel somewhat vindicated now. The Panaleica 45mm review came out and there are in fact NO software corrections for distortion taking place. This makes it unique among the m4/3 lenses and I'd assume that is because it bears the Leica name.

Godfrey wrote:

tchatila wrote:

... I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Leica won't allow their name to be used on any lens that works with software corrections.

The Panasonic/Leica Summilux-D 25mm f/1.4 ASPH injects lens correction parameters for use with the G1, GH1 and E-P1 internal and RAW processing software.

Note the name on the lens front bezel:

It's the fastest and one of the best performing FourThirds lenses around too.

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I don't know if my eyes are deceiving me but your above picture sure looks like the future GLP rather than the L1? If I look at the review of the L1 with std zoom lens with 72mm filter there is greater space between top of lens and camera top than for the 62mm filter lens shown in your photograph? By deduction my guess this camera in your picture is about 3.0" tall and about 5" long a mini L1, not 3.4"h and 5.9" long for L1? Have you inadvertinately shown us the next Lumix Pro 43 or m43 camera?

This might seem a bit far fetched and only my imagination or is this just the view using a wide angle lens? But if true would mean Pany may produce a Pro model which would be paired with Leica 25/f1.4 or 14-150 lens if in 4/3 mt and would work with all existing Oly 43 quality lenses. Alternatively it is with m4/3 mt and using adapter to attach 43 lenses such as 25/1.4 lens?

My best wishes,

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