Canon Line Offset Noise

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Re: Banding Noise

rockbound wrote:

Guess I responded to the wrong thread. So what is the difference between:

"Canon line offset noise" - post title


"(Canon) offset banding (noise)"

No difference that I see. The thing that was different was the unequal gain issue - the one that causes the mazing seen in ACR.

The noise I experienced way back in with the S40 and 20D had horizontal line noise and it was somewhat periodic (in the vertical but) and could be removed by using the masked off areas of the sensor. It was line by line noise (horizontal) and was consistent over the whole line so could be removed by taking the average of the raw samples in the masked area at the beginning of a line and subtracting it from the image data in the remainder of the line.

What you seems to be saying is that the 7D has vertical lines (that could be called bands or offsets) that can't be removed by using the masked area at the top of the image.

Is this correct?

Yes, there aren't enough rows of masked pixels to do anything useful.

By the way I just checked an old S40 file with what I called horizontal line banding and CS3 removes the noise quite effectively

They probably received a lot of complaints for the camera, so they do some correction.

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