DSLR Video - how does it work? (techincal)

Started Oct 20, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Re: Highly unlikely, just your theory?

Well, they just bin the image down. This can be done at a quite low level, so performance impact is nil.

Not sure about the exact process on CMOS, but on CCD you can do it right in the shift registers and even work around the shot-noise for single pixels.

Or how do YOU think they make the video?

Edit: rereading it, you seem to think:
a) They use only a part of the sensor
b) They only use every nth pixel or something.

a) obviously isnt true (think field of view)

b) It is actually more effort to pick out every nth pixel, compared to just add up those n pixels during readout. Why would anybody want to do it?

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