Images Look Oversaturated Online - Why?

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Re: Images Look Oversaturated Online - Why?

I have a number of prints from SmugMug, including their reference print used to gauge the accuracy of calibration. They all look great - spectacular actually. And the color is very close to what I see on my monitors.

The only grief I have is with non-color managed sRGB. It sounds like the conclusion may simply be that a properly calibrated wide gamut monitor poorly displays sRGB images in a non-color managed program. I can only hope that other people aren't seeing the same saturation as I am. I suppose the only test would be to "un-calibrate" my monitor. Will do some tests when I get home.

I can't comment on other photos I see on the net because I have nothing to compare them to, but for all I know they could be appearing more saturated than they should.

Would be great if the whole world was calibrated and color managed, wouldn't it?

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