What new lens could Panasonic make that would be the next 20mm F1.7?

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Re: What's missing

JCC123 wrote:

What's missing is a 45-110mm f2 lens. People seem to forget the entire premise of the m4/3 is small size. What's the point of getting m4/3 and the 45-200mm lens? It's as big as a 4/3.

I think a 45-110mm f2 lens would be the max zoom that people would be willing to sacrifice size for. It should be small enough of a lens and yet still give you some zoom. It would also compliment the 20mm.

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I think you are right that + - 100mm would be the the maximum reach for a fast and small f2 lens but I would like to see the wide angle end extended down to 14mm if possible or 8x zoom even if that meant increasing speed to f2.5. With EZoom on G series the effective length could be easily increased to 300mm at same lens speed but at 6mp.


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