XS/1000D : the best for starting real photography !!

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Fish Chris
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I hear you Dervisali.....

good thinking, and like I said, I know the 1000D is a fine camera.

For myself, on the other hand, the 10mp's of my current DSLR isn't enough. Heck, for what I'd really like to do (on occasion) 50mp's isn't enough ! If I had the money, I wouldn't even be looking at regular format DSLR's. Instead, it would be Large format, digital back stuff for sure. Or, at least (for handheld stuff) the 21mp's of a 1DsMkIII

Of course I understand that going from 10 to 15mp's (from the 1000 to the 500) causes a slight increase in noise, which I hate But I'm so used to always trying to shoot at 100 and 200 ISO anyway.

Then the other thing is, while I never really cared much about video before, now that I have my PC hooked up to my 1080p flatscreen TV, "I really want to see myself on TV, catching and releasing a BIG one" LOL

For me, the money difference doesn't really matter. I'm so poor, that either way, I'd have to save for the 1000..... or save just a little longer for the 500...... and then save for an eternity, for some good glass.


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