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Re: Completely unrealistic expectation...

Mark H wrote:

Mrs Reality wrote:

Mark H wrote:

If someone thinks that they have a bad camera that does not perform to an acceptable standard, then they should either get a replacement, or repair, or if they prefer return it and buy a different brand.

The thing is, fewer people would have to return or exchange their cameras or send them in for repair if Canon would either design them better or have better quality control. There should be no such thing as a "bad copy" and no one should have to worry about getting a bad copy, or have to test copies to find a good one. It seems to me that this goes to the point that John and others are trying to make.

It shows great ignorance to say "There should be no such thing as a "bad copy" and no one should have to worry about getting a bad copy.." .

A DSLR design is incredibly complex and made of 1,000~2,000 individual, often precision, component parts.

Let's say there are 500 functionally 'quality critical parts' (and/or assembly processes), and the parts' 'quality' is such that just 1 part per 10,000 of each of those individual component parts might be 'faulty' - the probability of any one complete camera having a faulty part would be as high as 1 camera in every 20 (5% of production).

Hopefully, you can see that it is quite impossible for there to be " such thing as a bad copy." .

In reality, most manufacturers 'return/fault rate' will be far less - probably at least 10 times better (e.g. 0.5% or less).

Even with the highest quality standards, there will always be a very small percentage of problems - in most cases this will be only a fraction of a percent.

They manage to do all this at a cost that includes profit margins for all the manufacturer, distributors, retailers.

Camera manufacturers ship literally 'tens of thousands' of these DSLR models every single week.

If a manufacturer ships 'several million' or more DSLRs a year (and they do) - even when there are only 0.1% with problems, that still means there will be 'several thousand' with problems.

One problem with the 'noise' of the Internet, is that very often we only hear from the 1% who have problems - often the 99% who have no problems will never be heard from.

I can't fathom the mentality of someone who sees such solid evidence as this, and says there must be some insurmountable problem as an explanation. Get with Reality; Canon doesn't care - and they're not going to care if all their toadies keep defending them.

I don't defend Canon anymore than any balanced and fair minded person would defend any other company.

That's a laugh. A balanced person accepts reality.

So, perhaps you'll explain what your 'reality' is then?

My reality is believing my eyes when someone shows a flaw in a camera or lens, as John Sheehy and others have done with the 7D. As usual, some cameras have the problem and some others may not, or their owners may not notice it. Buying a Canon camera or lens is a risky gamble, and it shouldn't be.

Making excuses for Canon or any other brand is not going to get them to improve their design or QC.

For what it's worth, this "Canon toady" (and supposedly paid "Canon shill", as you've accused me of in your previous ranting) currently shoots with a Nikon D90.

You come across as a Canon shill.

That probably depends mostly on the particular disposition of who ever is reading, I think.

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