Confused... reasons NOT to buy a K7 over competition?

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Confused... reasons NOT to buy a K7 over competition?

Maybe some can explain this to me...

After reading the Dpreview review for the K7, I'm failing to find a reason NOT to buy the K7 over the competition (mainly the Nikon D300s and Canon 50D).

Compared to the competition, the K7 is...

  • smaller

  • weather-resistent

  • cheaper

  • IQ atleast comparable to competition

  • has all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a semi-pro.

The only reason I can think of getting the competition is for the wider range of lenses available. But, if Pentax has the lenses you need, why not? When was the last time someone came out with ANYTHING that was smaller, faster, more durable, AND cheaper and still manages to retain 100% of the quality and functionality expected. To achieve this level of engineering, is a dream come true in any industry.

P.S. I'm not a Pentax fanboy. I don't even own a single gear of Pentax. I'm just confused by the reality of the matter.

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