Canon Line Offset Noise

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Re: Your big 'wrong'...

...nonsense, your "For example..." is completely wrong.

The bigger pixels do collect more light (photons) - and that is why they do have better high-ISO performance.

For any given exposure value the 'constant' at the sensor is the 'light per unit area' - a larger pixel size (area) therefore equates to more light collected per pixel.

i don't have the figures in front of me, but I believe the 1D2 was actually quite inefficient to the point that it might well have done less in that regard.

For a given exposure value - the larger the pixel size, the more light collected per pixel -

not true at all, it totally depends

There appear to be plenty of Canon DSLR cameras out there that do not need any additional noise subtraction process.

well most do have have banding so of course they could benefit
not saying it is the end of the world

anyway canon did think it important since they did largely fix one of the three main types of banding with the 500D and moreso 7D

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