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Re: I did a wedding...

Thanks Night Sevens!

You are correct, that photo was the Bride and father. My friends were not expecting much photo wise from us (there was another photographer). They were extremly pleased with the pics.

My brother had a similar experience with his wedding photographer. Crazy what some people have to go through.

I doubt i will be shooting more weddings, but if i do i will take your advice and command and take control of the audience.

Thanks again.


Night Sevens wrote:

Your photographs are good and for me DSC_3243 does it, nice and sharp, clear.
Father and daughter I'd assume.....Just what you would want on the fireplace.

Believe it or not I'm comparing your first wedding, amateur, free? ( D90+16/85) My daughter's wedding photos+video for which I paid £1600. Proffesional ?
Canon 50D Lens 10/?
Put the pictures on his website only viewable at 6/4 and no proofs.

Of the 434 pictures on show, I would have deleted 234 without a second thought. ( and I am not a photographer)
Bad groupings, heads obscured by flowers, hats, you name it!

18 pictures of family groups inside church were taken close up at 10/20 mm settings and were so wide angled that the slim bridesmaids all looked size 14.
Some of which he even invited us to bend forward........wow, even fat faces.

Managed to get enough photos for an album but while my daughter was delighted, I felt badly let down by a "pro" whos photos were not a patch on yours.

My eldest daughter's photographer had two cameras round his neck with different lenses whereas this guy only had one, so it could have been worse!

Well done on your first shot.
My advice is to keep at it and be bold and command your audience.

You only get one shot at it so get your photos and don't worry about the guests, they can snap away later.
You are the photographer so grab your target and get them to look at you!
Your bridal couple will thank you for it when they see the album.

Our "pro" seemed more interested in letting the guests take photos instead of saying "ME FIRST "
Ever notice how smiles fade on a succession of photos.

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