Returned G11...sigh....

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Returned G11...sigh....


I really really really wanted to like this camera. Perhaps I expected too much...I don't know.

No real problems just a couple things didn't work for me so perhaps I can save others with an honest as I can be reasoning.

I bought this as a camera to use for landscapes and walking about. I would shoot in RAW. Either Manual, Aperture priority or Shutter priority at 80-200 iso.
And the camera is perfectly capable of doing that ... for some folks..

But for me it's just too many things and it sacrificed ease of use for this. Case in point the selection dial is way too small. I was constantly hitting the center wheel and being taken to flash settings....

It also has a clunky interface when in M mode. If you want to switch between aperture and sutter speed there was a quick select button but it also brought you through the meter pattern options.....not needed fro ever shot.

IQ was decent very good for a P&S but not a rival for even a 5 year old dslr.

I was impressed with it's range and it's faithful rendition of colors. In fact I would rate it's IQ as superb! Just a bit small (10mp..) and when used to my 14mp dslr it made a noticeable difference..which is to be expected.

The build was a non factor. The swivel screen which I didn't want or need became an asset and well done. It was plenty quick for my uses.

I think you'll like this camera better if you want to shoot under a wide variety of conditions and don't mind jpeg. If your trying to capture moments or scenes with little input and let the camera do the work you'll love this camera!

But if your a serious photographer and just want a mini dslr you may want to consider my "issues", which after all are minor and will probably only affect a small percentage of folks here.

Thanks for all the input the past few days I've been here and I'm sure our paths will cross again.



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