Is S90/G11 finally a DSLR replacement?

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G11 or not G11 that is the question !

Any gun enthusiast knows that saying, that a 22 caliber that you have with you is much better for self defense then a 45 that you have at home.

Same goes here: is a G10/G11 better then a 7D or 5D. No and it will never be,

But is it better to have some tool to do the job then no tool at all?

Most will answer yes to that question.

So I have a 22 on the left side with me all the time and a G11 on the other side of the belt all the times,

But when I know I am up for a serous business, my gear on both sides of the belt changes ;0)
45 on the left and a 5D on the right. ;0)

G11 is for people that like to be prepared ,

5D is for people that like to have best tool possible.

That is why I have both and choose between them accordingly.

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