S90 & G11 – my final conclusions & suggestions

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Barry Margolius Senior Member • Posts: 1,859
Re: These points make me question the whole review...

I came in late to this thread, but my thoughts upon reading the original post were exactly the same as yours: How can anyone "trust" a review/commentary that starts out saying f2 is essentially the same as f2.8, and 140mm lens is essentially the same as a 105mm.


Charlesn wrote:

I have to express appreciation to anyone who goes through the time and effort to post such a lengthly and detailed review. But to say that a full f stop of lens speed offers no practical difference, or that there is "little practical difference" in one lens offering 30% more reach than the other, calls all conclusions of this review into serious question, since there are countless real-world situations in which these differences would certainly make a significant difference.

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