1DIV ...NO FF !?! very disappointed

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1DIV ...NO FF !?! very disappointed

Very, very much disappointed.
I'm an Italian professional photographer (sport, industrial, reportage, travel).

I was waiting, looking forward, for the new 1DIV: I was waiting this camera with all the spec that are listed... except one "little" thing: I wanted, I needed, a fast FULL FRAME camera.
Can't understand Canon choices.
I shot with different cameras.
5D/5DmkII/1Ds are too slow. And too much MP in 5DmkII and 1Ds.
16/18 megapixel is the good resolution (about A3 @300dpi).
40D... faster, but: too cropped, bad AF, only 10 MP, bad image quality.

(Try to use both together a 40D and a 5D: the first sink, no comparison in image quality).
7D? Cropped. And I think no good image quality in comparison with other cam.
1DmkIII: 1,3x Crop and only 10 MP.
No matter: Canon had not the "right" camera.
I was waiting for the perfect one: 1D Mk IV with full frame sensor.

What can I do with my TS-E 24 on the 1DmkIV APS-H?
And what the sense to have a 16-35mm if it become a 21-45??
Does Canon want me to buy also the TS-E 17mm and the 14/2,8?
(to have, in the end, only a 18mm?).
Have I to buy necessarily also the 1Ds?
With a new back included?(could't afford a guy as assistant no more then)

No idea what i will do now.
Very, very much disappointed.

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