Would you change a Nikon D700 for a Canon 5DmkII?

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Would you change a Nikon D700 for a Canon 5DmkII?

I currently shoot with a nikon D700, upgraded from a nikon D200 (and a brief period with a pentax K20D). Obviously I've got some Nikon glass.

Actually the D700 is a great camera. Great AF, matrix meter, robust body, fast, low noise. And I think 12 MPX are OK, (smaller files and good resolution).

The only thing I don't really like with Nikon is lens lineup. I'm not talking about lens quality, but rather about lens choice. In fact canon offers reasonably priced pro "L" lenses like the 17-40, the 24-105 and the 70-200, which are also more compact and light than their 2.8 brothers. Nikon really lacks that market segment, and well, I', really tempted by canon because of that.

And, in the end, the extra resolution can be useful, especially because you have more cropping space available.

For me it would be a drastic change, but selling every nikon stuff, I could easily afford a 5DmkII+24-105 and 70-200. Then I could add some money and get the 17-40 (and why not, a film body).

What really stops me? In brief:

1. High ISO: is canon good?

2. Autofocus: though simpler than Nikon, is it fast? (Would you shoot sport or wildlife with a 5DmKII).

3. Vignetting: apparently Nikon FX cameras vignette less than Canons with similar lenses. True that you can easily fix vignetting with raw developers, but I saw rather severe vignetting with many lenses in photozone tests.

4. Is the 17-40 good on FX? (I cuurently use a 18-35 nikon and I'm rather satisfied with it. Of course no AFS/USM, no costant aperture, no pro construction).
5 Dinamic range?

Thanks for any reply.


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