S90 or T1i

Started Oct 18, 2009 | Discussions thread
Quicksilver Contributing Member • Posts: 569
P & S's have come a long way....

I have both a DSLR as well as a recently acquired G10.

FWIW, it will be wonderful to share Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc with friends and family this year and only carry around the G10.

It is hard to enjoy things as much when you are worried about your gear. If you have it on you, it's always bumping into something or someone.

There's never a safe place to set it down, if the kids don't find it, one of the pets will...LOL! It happens!

Your family will either expect wonderful images from you all the time because of your fancy equip.....or they will cringe and run away fast into the night when they see show up with all your gear...you just can't win...

Nobody's real intimidated by a G10...it looks like some clunky throwback to yesteryear. But it sure is fun to play with! : )

Get a camera, P & S or a DSLR....something you will really use. Have fun with it. An S90 gets you in the ballpark, and allows you to develop as a photographer. It may be all you really need.

Or it may just be the beginning of the end ("Honey, WE really NEED a new camera...)


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