7D 1.0.9 Firmware Broke Flash?

Started Oct 20, 2009 | Discussions thread
Hendrik123 Senior Member • Posts: 1,555
Re: 7D 1.0.9 Firmware Broke Flash?

if all the tips mentioned above try to restart your camera by shutting off the camera and take out the battery for a min ..and see after that if the problem is still there

charliewhiskey wrote:

So I installed the 1.0.9 firmware on my 7D tonight and now the built in flash won't pop up when I press the flash button. It was doing it just earlier this evening before I installed the update. Anyone else notice the same issue. Or did my flash break and it's just a terrible coincidence?

Everything else on the camera seems to be working fine (pics, vid, playback, etc.)

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