Epson's new EVF--brave new world?

Started Oct 15, 2009 | Discussions thread
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ljfinger wrote:

I'm afraid these EVF-pushers will get their way and have OVFs disappear, despite their superiority for most situations

Do you realize how subjective that statement is?

You're sold on OVFs. You see them as "superior for most situations".

As far as I can tell OVFs (compared to a fast, high resolution EVF) might have one advantage. Tracking a fast moving subject.

I've used both types of viewfinders a lot and for my style of shooting I don't find the OVF superior in any fashion. I find both types equal for many tasks. And I find EVFs superior for some tasks.

I rarely shoot fast moving subjects, so if OVFs offer an advantage, it's not an important factor for me.

I like smaller cameras. Not so small as to be too small for my hands, but I can easily give up the hump on top of the box. Manufacturers could spread the electronics wide enough to create an ergonomic body and drop the height and thickness.

And wouldn't object to having the camera loose a little weight. After a long day my camera bag is heavier than I'd like. Actually, weight is probably more important than size at this point in time.

That's my subjective opinion.

We're all entitled to one....

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