How to hide sensitive pictures in Lightroom?

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How to hide sensitive pictures in Lightroom?

How do you guys deal with sensitive pictures in Lightroom and having a presentation for friends or family?

Right now when I travel 95% of the images I have taken are fine to show others, but the remaining 5 are private.

What I often do is have presentations right from Ligthroom for family and I always have to make sure these images are not shown which is not always working so great.

Ideal solution:

  • password protected images in Lightroom. You can only see Hidden files if you specified the password. After you have written this, they will be shown. This feature doesn't exist though.

Other solutions

  • Having several calaloges. But this makes it harder to search and organize the images since I must move the sensitive images to another place (out of place).

  • Tagging the pictures with a color and then deselect this at search. But this is very easy to change by misstake?

Any ideas?

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