Epson's new EVF--brave new world?

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Re: 800x600 a revolution?

Steve Balcombe wrote:

BobTrips wrote:

Or some people don't understand that having to anticipate the critical moment is the same as having to anticipate the critical moment.

No it isn't! That's exactly the point that Lee Jay is trying to get across. Anticipating a moment when your vision is unimpeded is much easier and more accurate than anticipating the moment when in addition your vision lags by a significant fraction of a second.

Some people are better at it than others, but essentially almost anyone can learn to hit a ball with a bat. That's quite a feat of timing, as your brain has to estimate to within a tiny fraction of a second when the ball will arrive at the intended point of impact. Imagine trying to do that when the ball is a yard ahead of where you see it!

OK, I'll concede if we're using "a significant fraction of a second". And you're trying to hold frame on a fast moving subject.

But what I'm trying to get across is that we don't know the threshold for "significant fraction".

Let's say that the refresh rate of the Epson (yes, Epson and not Oly) viewfinder can be increased to 60 fps with a 50% decrease in resolution. And then we could drop it another 50% to 120 fps with an additional 50% in resolution.

My first EVF camera was an Oly C2100uz. The EVF had 1/4th the pixels as does the Epson viewfinder and it had more than adequate resolution for framing and tracking.

Now we're down to an 0.008 second display lag (plus processing/display time). Is this amount of lag meaningful?

If so, is it meaningful outside a very narrow range of shooting conditions?

What if we added work-arounds such as the already available 'capture until shutter is released' feature that some EVF cameras offer?

Isn't it likely that we move into a world where EVF cameras present more pluses for the majority of shooters than do OVF cameras? Smaller, lighter, quieter, less expensive, live histogram, ....

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