Ghost in 7D.(frm Japan)

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Ghost in 7D.(frm Japan)

I'm not good at english,so pardon me my poor english writing.

In Japan,many images with ghost taken with 7D are uploaded on the web.
Those images are not fake,they really are taken with 7Ds.

Here is one.(See exif if u want further informations.)

Here is another image with ghost(s).(Caution!! Big images.)
(3rd frame image of 3 contiguous,
Ghosts of 2nd and 1st frame image exist.)

(Plz add initial 'h' to link address because I don't want big image shown instantly.)

Resized and equalized.

2nd frame.

1st frame.

Ghost is more visible by PhotoShop's histgram equalization effect.
Some ghosts are visible without PhotoShop's effect.

Some people suppose that the ghost is generated by error on CMOS resetting.
(CMOS reset timing error,precision error,etc)
Conditions for ghost image is:
1. Shoot with maximum continuous shooting rate.(8.05fps)
2. Shoot with fast shutter speed.(> 1/500s ?)
3. Image's back ground is flat and bright.(Blue sky,etc)
4. Target is a fast moving object.(Bird,Jet fighter,etc)
5. 2nd or later frame image has a ghost of previous frame image.

Unfortunatery,FW ver1.0.9 doesn't resolve this problem, perhaps.
(An image with ghost taken with FW1.0.9-7D was already uploaded on the web.)

Flat view
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