Epson's new EVF--brave new world?

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Re: 800x600 a revolution?

Steve Balcombe wrote:

BobTrips wrote:

Why don't we wait and see what Oly brings to market before we declare EVFs to be a joke?

Because 800x600 makes it a toy, regardless of what any manufacturer does with it.

The Minolta A2 had a 640 x 480 pixels EVF and it was very usable. It was absolutely no "toy".

This one should be quite a bit better at 800 x 600. That's a 56% pixel increase.

And because the product that has been announced does nothing to address the problem of lag. I'm not interested in a better picture of what happened a 1/10 second ago.

I'm not sure we know what the processing/display lag is. We do know that the refresh rate is 30 times per second or 0.03 (3/100) seconds.

And remember, you have to anticipate the scene when you're using a swinging mirror camera. Some of those mirrors take more than 1/10th second to get out of the way. You've got to shoot 1/10th of a second "before you see what you want to take".

It could be that both types camera are going to require about the same amount of critical moment anticipation....

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