Canon 7D RAW workflow for Mac Users

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Canon 7D RAW workflow for Mac Users

I posted something like this in the Mac section but did not get much response....probably because there are not a lot of 7D owners yet but here is my questions.

For Mac users.... what is your Raw work flow right now.

With my 50D image were uploaded directly to Aperture 2. Do a few lift and stamp adjustments for white balance (I use a gray card). Then rate the picts. I do a lot of AEB bracketed shots. Sets that look like they work for HDR, I would export the Raw sets and then use Photomatrix Pro for HDR Then on the remaining high rated shots I would play with sharpening, black level, other levels, some clone and repair. For special stuff I use some plug-ins and occasionally use CS4. But I start all of this stuff with RAW images.

Now I have this great camera but Aperture and CS4 probably won't be updated for this camera for another 4-6 weeks I am guessing.

So my option is, I guess, to use DPP and then move tiff 8bit or tiff 16bit or jpeg to Aperture.

I tried that with a 100 shots that I took yesterday. First thing I found out is that I don't know how to use all of the aspects of DPP... guess I will have to work on that.

I tired the Tiff 16bit batch conversion of a hundred images... Yikes each image is 100mb. I did the JPEG but you loose all the xtra photo info and image adjustments become more limited.

The other odd thing is that after doing batch conversions of the raw to either jpeg or tiff 8bit and then importing to photomatrix pro and the resultant HDR image is all messed up. The 16bit tiff seemed to be ok. Of course the raw won't work yet.

I am tempted to stop shooting raw and just do Jpeg for the next month. Or maybe raw+jpeg but only deal with the jpeg.

Anyhow...... what are other mac users doing..... And I assume PC users have similar issues but are using DPP and then PS or lightroom?

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