7D and Sports

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A test for you Re: 7D and Sports

Jim Graziano wrote:

Imagine that.

Mine is arriving Tuesday. This place has me so paranoid. . . .

I think I'll just read your post again, look at your shots again, then stop coming here so I have a positive attitude until Tuesday.

Whle you're waiting for your 7D to arrive, there is a test you can do:

1. Look out the window
2. Immediately go to a dark room and close your eyes.
3. With your eyes remaining closed, do you see faint light blotches?

If yes, then you're in need of a firmware update. It's an inexcusable defect from your manufacturer and until you get your optic nerve processor fixed, you won't be able to use your upcoming 7D to its full advantage. In fact, if the faint blotches are there, I'd recommend switching to Nikon.

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