Belt pouch for G11?

Started Oct 9, 2009 | Discussions thread
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camerabear wrote:

From what I've read, Canon isn't selling the everready case in the US. It can be purchased on Ebay.

Thanks for that bit of info.

After thinking about it a little more, I decided that if I want to set the G11 on my tripod, I would have to unscrew the case, and then screw on the quick release base plate to slip it onto the ball head. Seems that the "Ever ready" may be more cumbersome to deal with. I've decided to go with another case from "Case Logic". It is a zippered case, but the front and back are hard shell. Easy "In and Out" seems more practical for me.

I'm still getting used to the G11 after stepping up from the "A" line of point & shoot and using several of the EOS bodies for a number of years. Just another learning curve in my livelihood.

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