Belt pouch for G11?

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Re: FWIW, I settled for a wrist strap & the Lowepro G-Res 10

Thank you for the thoughts.

Marcos Villaroman wrote:

I found the Canon neckstrap to be a bit too short; I like the option of slinging the camera on one shoulder, under my arm. Also stuffing the strap under the 5100's lid is a pain, especially if you have the case belt mounted.

So in the end I went for a wrist strap that attaches to the right side of the camera in place of the Canon strap. I bought the OpTech USA wrist strap. The neopryne strap can be tightned securely on your wrist and has a quick release which lets you swap out the wrist strap for a neck strap (sold separately, $10 each)

I looked at that wrist strap online. Considered it and decided against it. I had a hard time picturing myself using it. I'm sure it's comfortable. Have you used this style before? thoughts?

Instead I went with the Canon WS20. Ordered & should be in on 20 Oct. Aside from konwing it'd be a perfect fit, it is similar to others I've used. $15

Now using a wrist strap, I find the 5100 case to be awful. I can only pull the camera out of the case using one edge which makes it really hard to quickly get the camera out. THat might improve as the case stretches with use.

My solution was to buy the Lowepro G-Res 10 case from Amazon. This is a minamilst case that has enough room to hold the camera, orientated portrait (i.e., small end in) and lets the wrist strap hang out. The case has a removable neckstrap and does not have a front pocket. So it's the least bulky case I own.

I hadn't checked out this bag yet, though looking online, seems a perfect size. Did you by chance compare it to the Apex 60? So far that seems to be my top contender. I'm looking for it to fit the camera, and have a small pocket for extra battery and to fit a few memory cards. Nothing very bulky.

I'm really happy with this setup. If I find I did need a front pocket to hold a spare battery and memory card, I'd buy one of the Tarmac bags mentioned elsewhere in this thread.

Haven't seen these in store yet. I like to get it in my hands prior to purchasing to inspect it's charcteristics, form and function.

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