Intimidated by the SLR Guests???

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Re: Intimidated by the SLR Guests???

I'm one of the amateurs who finds a reason to shoot...

My son-in-law's wedding this year was outside. I had a relatively minor role, (but a front seat at the ceremony). My wife and I each put our DSLR's under the seats, and we each got a few decent shots of the ceremony. We made sure to stay out of the way of the pros, both still and videographers.

I rather liked shooting the event, because there was no pressure on me to get any particular shot. The pros were working a long list of staged shots after the ceremony (took an hour), and I could just get candids of other guests killing time, and the occasional group (not looking at me, but looking at the pros).

At the party afterward, I, and numerous other guests, got lots of candids, but again we stayed out of the way of the pros. (Biggest pain was a bunch of little kids allowed to run wild by the parents - they were in just about every shot anyone took).

After the wedding, I had a few dozen good (to me) shots, and I made a quick little slide show to give to the bride and groom. They saw it after sitting through an hour-long review of pretty much all the shots made by the pros in their slide show. Completely different points of view. Mine was short and fun, theirs was complete, and basically well done posed shots, had all the critical moments, etc. I had something they didn't: I was at the practice session the day before, and I had identically posed shots of kids coming down the aisle, bride with father, ceremony with brother in jeans acting the part of the minister, etc. I blended in a before and after sequence of each shot for the ceremony, which seemed to be a hit with the bride.

Everyone had cameras, mostly point-n-shoot, some DSLR's. Even those with DSLR's put heads in the center of the frame & cut off legs, shot everything in landscape, used straight on-camera flash, etc, etc. I don't think the pros have too much to worry about from the usual crowd shooter.

On the other hand, at MY wedding 2 years ago I left my cameras at home. And kind of regretted it, because our 'pro' did a pretty bad job, and missed some critical shots of the wedding party. Thankfully my daughter-in-law was there with her little Sony ZLR (and for some reason was one of the few there with a camera). Her shots saved the day for our wedding album.

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