Belt pouch for G11?

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Re: Belt pouch for G11?

At present I am using the included strap across my chest with the camera (no case) under my armpit (not IN my arm pit - under it) and as its winter, wearing a coat over it..

So I have to escape one arm from my jacket then put the strap over that arm to take a shot.

This BTW is for traveling around in a big city where i dont want to get mugged for it. I dont feel having dangling from my neck full time is a good idea nor do I like fanny packs or large belt cases.. (its cramps my clothing style)

Over here in Europe where we have no hand guns I am kind of getting a "secret agent" buzz about wearing it like this.

It worked real well for me on the subway and streets of NYC too..

I am only an amateur photographer so I dont mind it not being available instantly.. (And If I DID see something amazing I'm sure I could flap around like an idiot get my arm out of my jacket, list one arm out of the strap and free the camera to get a shot fairly quickly..)

Is it bad long term for the camera to cary it like this? My arm is soft the sides of my body are soft and I dont tend to crash that part of my body into hard objects.. And no, I am not sweating on the camera. It is cozy and dry.

Anyone here go 'commando" and use no case?

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