S90 & G11 – my final conclusions & suggestions

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Re: Good job - it's all about your daily work flow.

Alashi wrote:

But the question is - Once they make a 12MP sensor with less noise than the 10MP sensor on the s90, will they also be able to make a new 10MP sensor with even less noise than that?

I would imagine the lower pixel count sensor in the same physical amount of space will always be lower noise (assuming both sensors were designed by the same people at the same time).

Canon has been upping the megapixel count for years, and appears to have finally topped out. Once they've switched focus, I doubt they will be in a big hurry to resume the pointless megapixel wars.

Of course who knows, I certainly don't run Canon.

Probably, but I doubt that they will. I don't think they'll want to make yet another lower noise 10MP sensor--they'd get trounced by the competition. I see a 12MP with less noise than the S90 solidly in the plan. That's what I would do. MP's are still good to have, but really hight counts have required large sensors, like the full frame. But, smaller, better sensors are being made. The quality of today's higher MP APS-C's are as good as or better than the original FF sensors. FF sensors will disappear except for special very high MP count applications. The smaller sensors will become the norm. In a few years, look for a 25MP machine not much larger than the S90 with quality up there will current DSLR technology. These impossible things have already happened. Barring catastrophe, it will be reality soon.

(yes it will, I prayed to the Canon elf...)


The S90 is in response to demand for higher IQ. And the competition is pushing them. When we get the noiseless 25MP in an S90 or G11 size, I'll be happy. Really..this isn't a pipe dream. The MP wars will become the high quality MP wars. A much higher quality G10 MP count will arrive in the G14.

...well, good luck with that. I don't see it happening myself. Camera technology has reached that point of diminishing returns over the last several years, with modern 12mp cameras taking pics that are just a little bit better than the 6 megapixel cameras of 5 years ago. Based on this rate of progression, I guesstimate a 25MP sensor on a full size digital slr is about as high as we'll ever see.

Camera technology is just no longer rapidly advancing - it's slowed down. It's kinda nice that gear you buy today isn't completely obsolete 5 years from now. But it's kinda sad that we seem to be sorta peaking out.

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