Intimidated by the SLR Guests???

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Re: Intimidated by the SLR Guests???


I like that. The first time I became aware of that was waaaaay back in highschool. I was shooting some cars at race track and got to use a 400mm that belonged to the father of a friend (and fellow shooter). To be honest it wasn't really a great lens...but it was freaking huge! Oddly enough people just cleared away when we went from location to location. From that point on we always carried it regardless if we had a real need for it or not.

The same happens to me still... Twist a big white lens on and it somehow makes you a person to be respected. ROFL It's funny because people will tend to get out of the way if they see the 70-200 2.8L (or larger) but the 24-70 2.8L gets the most comments. Everything from, "Wow, that's a great lens" to "That's huge, you can probably shoot the moon with that thing." Um, yeah...I've tried expalining that it's a whopping 70mm at the long end but have since given up on now I just nod and go about my business. My theory on the 24-70 comments is that it doesn't look quite as "intimidating" and so perhaps they think I'm a bit more approachable.

I don't know, but I do know that we always head out looking the part.

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