Epson's new EVF--brave new world?

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Re: Going out of your way to be negative?

ljfinger wrote:

BobTrips wrote:

Power drain

Pretty minor with today's cameras. Stick an extra battery in your pocket.

I have 8 batteries now. I can currently look through the viewfinder for over ten hours and shoot over 3000 shots on 2 batteries. The same with an EVF is looking like something like 10 batteries.

So, based your data, 300 shots per battery with an EVF camera. I don't think that will be a limiting factor to much of anyone. There are days when I shoot a lot and I don't hit 300.

Unable to use VF with power off (yeah I do this)

Just pre-visualize.

Tough/impossible if you are using long lenses and/or waiting for your moment to shoot.

You're not understanding pre-visualization. That term means (at least I understand it to mean) that you have studied the scene and decided on how you want your finished picture to look. You pick your lens length after you have pre-visualized - "taken the picture in your mind".

Lag low light

EVFs can amplify very low light scenes in a way that one can't do with OVFs.

They don't, however. I can see in 5-stops lower light with my OVF than with my EVF. This is because my eye is more sensitive than the sensor.

How about the Sonys that used infra red?

How well do you focus in dim light with your lens stopped down?

Delay for fast moving subjects

We'll see how Oly does with their new approach. Remember, it's not like dSLRs are immediate. It takes time to move the mirror out of the way.

We're talking about viewfinder lag, not shutter lag. Viewfinder lag on a dSLR is zero. Tracking fast-moving objects with viewfinder lag is difficult or impossible.

Lag am lag. There's viewfinder lag or mirror swing lag. There's human reaction time lag. It cumulates.

You learn to anticipate the shot you want. (Unless you're using one of the digitals that does pre-shutter capture.()

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