Epson's new EVF--brave new world?

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Going out of your way to be negative?

Pre-visualization, that is the issue!

Perhaps you could explain how an EVF might get in the way of getting your pre-visualized image to the memory card?

After all, if you've pre-visualized you've positioned yourself to where you want to shoot, made your lens choice, and thought out your framing and DOF decisions.

EVF/OVF, both let you get your framing where you want it. And pick your moment.

Power drain

Pretty minor with today's cameras. Stick an extra battery in your pocket.

Probably won't be an issue except for 'spray and pray' types.

Shouldn't be an issue for a pre-visualizer who carefully plans each shot.

Unable to use VF with power off (yeah I do this)

Just pre-visualize.

Lag low light

EVFs can amplify very low light scenes in a way that one can't do with OVFs.

Delay for fast moving subjects

We'll see how Oly does with their new approach. Remember, it's not like dSLRs are immediate. It takes time to move the mirror out of the way. One is always anticipating the moment.

Limited DR colour reproduction

Not sure what this has to do with taking pictures as opposed to displaying them. And after all, you've pre-visualized the image that you are capturing. The colors in the viewfinder should be irrelevant to the picture in your mind. Remember it's framing and focusing time....

Sure there are pros, but EVF for me

Like we care?

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