Intimidated by the SLR Guests???

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Re: Intimidated by the SLR Guests???

This was my partners #1 philosophy (when I had one - he retired). He would insist on bringing the most flashy equipment possible to certain events - even though I would tell him we didn't really need it. He swore it was necessary because even if we didn't end up using it - it would be seen by the guests and our clients and it would smack of professionalism and according to him, made us and our client 'look good'. This was back when there was still good money in event photography - it's so much tougher now. He would say that we had to 'look the picture' of pros and that meant coming out like a Hollywood production.

I would laugh at this and sometimes complain a little as we had to haul more stuff but, I can remember specifically at a couple of events where people came in, saw the lighting equipment set-up in our designated area for a Sweet 15s/wedidngs and immediately catch us as first chance for business cards. It also seemed like people would somehow cooperate better too. I saw a definate correlation with the follow-up business and interest we would get from the events where the more equipment was displayed vs events where we travelled light.

One time at a sweet 15 event - we witnessed the client having a huge fight with the video company. We heard the videographer tell the client and DJ that they could really use the lights staying on and the client was ripping into them asking why didn't they come prepared with additional lighting and such - they were livid and there was no explaining anything to them. They had spent quite a bit of money on special lighting effects for their daughers entrance and show and did not want the lights turned on. My partner and I immediately set up our lighting - even though we didn't really need it, we weren't about to tell anyone that but, the client was quite pleased when they saw it and thanked us for being so professional while throwing an awful glare at the videographers. I can tell you that they got no further referrals from this family and they were owners of a restaurant.

Of course I liked to think that we got business because we had good personalities and did good work - most of the times we had enlargements displayed at the event taken by us in advance. My partner shot 35mm back then on Nikon and I would handle most of the formals with medium format. Our cameras were also more impressive looking as most people did not have such advanced DSLRs than they do today. It's harder today to stand out from the crowd than it was maybe 10 years ago because people didn't know how to shoot cameras where you had to know how to put the film in it.


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