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Re: think like a businessman, not a photographer - correct!

Mebyon K wrote:

Quote "Almost all of us shoot MF and no one uses the D3X because it has no 1080 video and is way overpriced."

I'm puzzled by the above statement for three reasons.

1 - Which MF slr camera has video?

2 - Here in the UK the latest Hasselblad bodies are at least £17,000 before vat (sales tax), so why is the D3X at £4,750 (street price including vat) overpriced.

3 - If you are so concerned with quality, and therefore use MF for your stills, why are you not using a dedicated (expensive) video camera for your video work?

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Mebyon K

yeah, that is a little confusing.

New economic recession, no extra money

D3X, no video, and very very expensive

HD Video cameras like sony ex1 and ex3 as expensive as the D3X

5DM2, high MP, 21, 1080 HD video, only $2,700, but it's not a Nikon

So, we sit around after using the MF for high end studio jobs and wish Nikon had a 5DM2 answer, because we have Nikon lenses, don't like Canon, see that the D3X is expensive and doesn't have video, see that Sony HD is expensive, but we are getting client requests to shoot freebies and art and little videos... and they want the Red but no one has money for that and they say what about the 5DM2 and around and around we go...

Get it now?

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