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You're on target Jim

jim stirling wrote:

Teila Day wrote:

,Not quite the same what i meant was if you cannot generate enough income from your current business to fund exspansion then work a wee bit harder for a wee bit longer to be able to afford what you think you "need"

I see eye-to-eye with you on that Jim.

Though the D3x is only priced as the 1DsmkIII was when new, and in fact here in the UK the 1DsmkIII was actually more expensive than the D3X at launch and even after a hefty discount earlier in the year is only a couple of hundred pound cheaper. Other than HD video the 5Dmk2 is inferior to the D3X in every way a professional tool can be. Though it can of course deliver great images and for personal use I am enjoying using it with the fast L primes [now there is an area where Nikon needs to get moving}

Agreed. I think the D3x is to date, the best alternative for a photographer contemplating migrating to the larger sensors.

I think that from my perspective, if it is a business purchase it has to be justified i.e. if I invest X how much extra profit will it generate. I would still suggest that if you are not generating enough income to just buy what you need for your business, you need to think really hard about making expensive purchases unless you know for a fact that they will generate a guaranteed extra income...

100% correct. I advocate people (in typical income bracket) to purchase camera gear as if they are purchasing the gear for a business. In short, if a particular item doesn't produce a practical and or financial benefit- leave it on the shelf.

One thing is for sure the times they are a changing , heck Bob Dylan has done a Christmas album

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