G11 Review on CNET UK

Started Oct 13, 2009 | Discussions thread
www451oa Regular Member • Posts: 269
Ditto- Great personal review....


I agree with Heie, a great personal review. Well thought out, well written. I could relate very easily as I am neither a newbie, nor an experienced Pro. I know a little bit, and know enough to know I still have alot to learn. Though my uses are purely personal, and not for work, I am sure i will use it in many of the same way you do.

Without getting into the P&S/DSLR debate, this camera (with early experience) is very well made, and give great quality.

Heie... You'll get your 11 soon enough.

Heie wrote:

Pro Jules,

That was a fantastic personal review. Thank you very much, and maybe you can post that on other sites (i.e. Amazon) so others that don't know about DPR can read it.

I am itching to get my 11...


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