DA21 broken into two, advice needed for repair

Started Oct 4, 2009 | Discussions thread
neuron09 Contributing Member • Posts: 691
toughness of DA lenses

Wow, that self disassembly is strange!

I recently had an opposite experience. I was traveling in Yosemite National Park and had pulled over at a stop in the "high country" (Olmstead Point), opened the rear door on the driver side, where I had carelessly put my camera after a last stop, and with the angle of pavement, etc, my K100D with DA40 (with a polarizer and, thankfully, a metal hood) went rolling out of the car onto the pavement. The car (a Honda CRV) was packed with bikes, etc, with the rear seat folded down, so the height of the fall was not small. My heart stopped, but the camera fell on the hood (a bit scratched and dented) seeming to absorb the impact. I have look carefully for misalignment issues, etc, that might have happened with the jarring of the camera and lens, but all is okay.

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