Epson's new EVF--brave new world?

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Adrian Harris
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Real world advantages

It amazes me how many people rave about OVF. They are good if you don't happen to have a small cheap pair of binoculars on you though.

I have long preferred my A2's very hi-res EVF over my dslr's OVF for most shooting conditions that I incur.

As an older gent with vari-focal glasses, manual focusing an OVF is all but impossible (as the eye and glasses form part of the optical chain of an OVF system.) One doesn't need to have a perfect viewfinder to take a good photo. Its how clear/good the photo is that counts. OVF's 'lie', they in no way assist the user in how the final photo will look.

Flaping mirrors - bah. Don't get me started on those archaic devices. Without mirrors you don't need heavy duty tripods. I recently took a photo handheld unbraced in a church with a mirrorless camera (minolta A2). The exposure was 1/4 second. The photo was sharp. No 'reflex' dslrs will do that without a good tripod.

Mirrors clack - and therefor you can say goodbye to close up wildlife shots - if you don't get the shot first time.

EVF's mean no more 'chimping'. And the live histogram 'before you take the shot' is so very useful.

Just think a small evf on a remote cord worn like a half pair of glasses would mean you were free to hold the camera anywhere to get those special photos. Over your head shots - thus avoiding crowds in front of you. Lo angle people and vehiocle shots. The list goes on. EVF is definately the way to go - and if it could be mounted for repote use - wow!!

Bring it on.

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