Intimidated by the SLR Guests???

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Re: Only the overboard types are a concern

Wow... I read that and think, "I am sooooo glad I don't shoot weddings!" I'm not sure I'd have the right attitude anymore.

I have had people get in front of me at sporting events, which usually gets a quick, "Excuse me, I AM working here..." That usually gets a sheepsih, "Oh, sorry," and they move on.

I think I might have words with somebody that said they were building their portfolio. "Not on my time buddy!" ROFL

As I don't shoot weddings I'v not had to deal with the other cameras...but I have had to deal with parents "directing" a shoot. I shot one senior last year and his mum wanted to pretty much run the whole show... She told him what to wear and how to pose and pretty much just wanted me there to push the button. There was no point in challenging her, she was just going to become a bigger pain. It was shot at their home so tossing her out wan't an option. Even though she liked the shots and ordered prints I wasn't happy. I invited him to the studio for a reshoot...she came along as well. Ah, but now we're in MY no yacking. MY shots came out much better, he was clearly more relaxed...and she ordered more prints.

After that I started to lay down ground rules well before a shoot.

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