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Re: think like a businessman, not a photographer - correct!

ScottMac wrote:

You're 100% right of course, though many here will not agree. I know there are even more reasons why the 5DM2 is better than anything Nikon has and my friends who make money with it, and make great art also, agree. I see the proof everyday, especially video, and especially the price, there are just too many people making money with the 5DM2 and none of them would ever be in that position if it cost $8,000, but it doesn't, it cost $2,700.

Uh, if the difference between whether you make money or not relies on the price difference between 2700 and 8000, then you might as well go out of business, because you're below the poverty line!

(Even if you're talking 2 to 4 units for your hypothetical studio)

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