Belt pouch for G11?

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Re: Found the Rezo 60 to be too bulkly

I was looking at these cases as well, and I completely agree on your views of the Rezo 60. Although I was thinking the Apex 60, with very similar dimensions would be a good fit. I didn't have G11 with me to check it's compatiblity.

Also, I occasionally use filters, and while I know the case won't hold any of the adapters, i'm hoping it will have some room in the front pouch for a CPL. Thus allowing me to keep adapter tubes in a backpack where scratching is more of a concern than pressure that could crack a CPL.

I'm also looking for a wrist strap, though yet to find one to my liking. Not looking for anything bulky or long. Has anyone had any experience with the Canon WS20? So far that seems the closest to what I'm looking for.

Marcos Villaroman wrote:

I bought the Rezo 60. It's a bit big for the G11, although that makes it easier to get the camera with neck strap in/out of the bag.

However, in the end I really don't like this bag. It's too bulky. The front pocket with the useless cover flap sticks out, adding the bulk. The front pocket isn't that big --- can't hold a spare battery with a SD card in its case without a lot of effort.

I'm going to return the Rezo 60 and look for something thinner that still has a shoulder strap.

I've also decided to go with the Op/Tech USA brand wrist strap with a quick release disconnect so that I could also attach a neckstrap. So far, I'm loving the wrist strap. A camera bag with detachable neck strap would be an ideal way to carry the camera when not in use.

John Telleria wrote:

I sent an email to Lowepro's US sales office earlier this morning asking about the D-Pods 25 camera pouch. I just received a reply back. The guy said Lowepro has no plans to sell the D-Pods 25 in the USA. For the G11, he recommended either the Apex 60 AW or Rezo 60.

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