Intimidated by the SLR Guests???

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Re: Intimidated by the SLR Guests???

I have been photographing weddings for many years and there have always been people with lots of cameras... even high-end Hassleblads in the film days. At the weddings I photograph I have found several things:

1) the more cameras that are present, the more important photographs are to the B&G because they and their friends are visually-oriented = more sales

2) the higher end the camera equipment, the more money is generally available = more sales.

So I am not worried. There is a good payoff. Sure you have to work harder to stand out, but that is what being a professional is all about. If you prepared well (multiple meetings with the B&G, engagement sessions, etc) the more they trust you and the more they will love your photographs. Plus you should be able to deliver completed professional albums (that is what I sell rather than just prints) that no guest can compete with.

I am generally very friendly and "put on a show" for the guests as I do my job. Most people are reasonable and will stay out of my way, especially if I am nice about it. After all, those are my future clients. The only time I exercise control is during the formals and I send all guests not in the photographs off to the reception. I explain to all those that remain, in a nice way, that if others are photographing it will cause eyes to look in the wrong direction etc and I ask that they wait until I am completely done and then have at it. I also tell them we only have an hour and then have to be at the reception so we have to move fast to do the 50 or so setup photographs. When I photograph the B&G "romantics" I clear the room so that they feel more comfortable. Not everyone appreciates a crowd. Only once did I have a pushy relative who refused to leave (I was warned in advance) when I photographed the B&G. She thought she was going to shoot over my shoulder. Instead I just sat down, put my camera down and my feet up and told her to go ahead. Once she was done I would do my job and we could all go to the reception. She left in a huff when she saw she couldn't control me like she could all of the family. Everything went smoothly after that and the B&G were happy.

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Occidental, CA

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