Intimidated by the SLR Guests???

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Just deal with it

In my opinion, it's not so black and white. I don't blame guests for wanting to take pictures themselves...why not? We charge an arm & leg for prints!

They are the guests, not us. It's our job to be unobtrusive and simply document. If that's what guests are doing, than so be it. At least, that's the way I look at it. I've been to many, many weddings. Frankly, I think it's rude when the hired photographer acts like he/she owns the place, and becomes pushy. It's never okay to make a guest feel unwelcome. A true pro will find a way to still capture the day no matter what, even with guets that mean no harm, and just want to take some pictures for themselves.

Personally, I try to find a way to incorporate these guests into my wedding photography, e.g.,:

calson wrote:

Guests that take their cameras to weddings are putting their hobby ahead of the interests of the bride and the groom and the wedding party and the families and guests. Many times during a wedding I will have my shot blocked by a guest wanting to take their picture and usually with a P&S which means they spend a couple minutes composing the shot on the LCD screen, take the picture, and then continue to stand in the way to check their shot, and meanwhile the bride and her father are more than half way down the aisle. And you cannot really shout at the imbecile to get out of the way.

There is a decided lack of civility and courtesy by the guests at many weddings and it really is disrespectful and often damaging to the pictures the couple will have to remember what has been a very expensive day.

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