Intimidated by the SLR Guests???

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Re: Intimidated by the SLR Guests???

Vegasluvr wrote:

I have been to weddings where many of the guests had Canon EOS 1D Mark IIIs, Nikon pro digital SLRs and "L" lenses. I do not mind because I already charged the client my fee and they paid for my services already.

Many of my wedding clients associate with well to do families so seeing a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentleys and Roll Royces is no big deal any more. It is the same with camera equipment.

Even the guests children had some pretty nice Canon 40Ds and expensive lenses.


I have a friend who painstakingly laboured away re-building an unlimited class speed boat powered by an aeroplane engine. It goes at speeds I never want to travel on water at but can he drive it that fast? Nope. He just likes owing it!

His wife asked me a few weeks ago if the new D3 Nikons I bought were the best there is. I told her no, there is a model above these that is better but I didn't think I could justify the price jump.

Last week she turned up for dinner with a brand new Nikon D3x and a lens I've lusted after for years but never had a justifiable use for and asked if I'd show her how it worked after dinner.

I'm still the one they call when they want photos of their boat!

I suppose for people who have lived most of their lives so busy making a living they never had time for much else... Buying $15,000 'toys' is wasteful but for those who have never and will never want for anything it's the only way they know.

It is absolutely true that an assassin with a .22 cal. pistol could kill a person with a single shot at some distance that many owners of a .45 cal pistols couldn't hit a barn wall at.

Just because someone has a camera doesn't mean it even works.

My youngest grandchild has one like that. She takes it everywhere pointing it at people and taking their photos. I get a real kick at the antics she gets people doing. One day they'll get a real shock when I put batteries in it!
Staying young is getting harder as I grow older.

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