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Marianne Oelund Veteran Member • Posts: 7,240
What the D3s is for

VRII wrote:

D3s = Great product (that already existed), way overpriced, will be leapfrogged in less than 12 months possibly as early as March 2010

It keeps Nikon at the front edge in the sports/PJ sector. I expect an announcement from Nikon's primary competitor in a matter of days, of a camera with similar sensitivity, so it is actually keeping them from being leapfrogged in the near term.

85mm F/3.5 Micro = Great Product that no one was asking for, in a lens segment that has a plethora of choices

I must admit, this one's a complete mystery to me! Where's my AF-S 135 f/2 to complement the brilliant 200 f/2 VR?

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