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Thomas Karlmann
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To Fabio re the 35mm lenses...

Fabio Amodeo wrote:

I heard the same objection when the 35/1.8 came out. Who needs it? There's the 35/2, and if you are picky the 35 Zeiss. Then I bought the 35 (with some difficulty, it was often sold out) simply because it costed so little, ad discovered that I could do at f:2.8-4 what I had to do at f:8-11 with the old 35/2 to get good corners. And it made my bag lighter too.

So all I can say is that 85mm macro is a good length for the working photographer for a lot of situations (product, portait, repro, travel) and I am glad Nikon goes its own way with good products.

I had started a thread on this topic in the Nikon lens forum.

I had come to the conclusion that I had to use the Dx 35mm/f1.8 wide open to avoid vignetting on a full frame body. Are you saying that you can go to f4 on the 35/f1.8 DX on a FF body with no vignetting AND the corners are sharper than the 35/f2, or are you using an APS-C camera?

Please elaborate.

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